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Contextual Lecture: Staring at God: Britain 1914 to 1919

With Professor Simon Heffer

In 1914 a society that had become used to liberal values found itself forced to adapt to total war. In the next five years both men and women were conscripted to fight and work; England experienced its first air-raids; rationing of food was introduced; wages and taxes rocketed; death cut through society, creating hundreds of thousands of widows and orphans. Simon Heffer tells the story of these tumultuous years in his book Staring at God: Britain 1914-19, to be published by Random House next September, and will lecture on the subject.

Professor of Modern British History at the University of Buckingham, Simon Heffer is the author of several historical works, including A Short History of Power.

Part of the Contextual Lecture Series Our Future: Ideas on Tomorrrow's World