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How do you build The Colour Palace?

IMG_0100tMeet engineersHRW who generously gave their time to consult with the Dulwich Pavilion project team on how to turn Pricegore and Yinka Ilori’s ambitious plans into a real, 10-metre high construction - all in kind.

Jan Steen’s The Wandering Musicians comes to Dulwich

IMG_0100tCuratorial Intern Anna McGee introduces us to an exciting new loan that has joined our collection of Dutch paintings, Jan Steen's The Wandering Musicians, and tells us why this scene of daily life is much more than it seems.

Help us build The Colour Palace

IMG_0100tToday we announce a major crowdfunding campaign to raise the final £20,000 needed to build the Dulwich Pavilion 2019: The Colour Palace, together with Art Happens.

The Soul of Sohlberg

IMG_0100tWriter and artist Marianne Wie on Harald Sohlberg's life and work, as a major retrospective comes to Dulwich Picture Gallery to celebrate 150 years since the artist's birth.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Edward Bawden

IMG_0100tDespite gaining popularity amongst critics and the public alike, Bawden shunned the spotlight, remaining, as Alan Powers remarked ‘a reluctant national monument’. Here we take a look at some lesser-known facts about the life of this intriguing artist

Dulwich Pavilion 2019: Meet the winners

IMG_0100tWe recently announced the exciting news that Pricegore and Yinka Ilori will design the 2019 Dulwich Pavilion. We caught up with lead architects, Dingle Price and Alex Gore, to find out more about their plans for the structure and what inspired the 'Colour Palace'

Meet the Maker: Grace Erskine

IMG_0100tWe talk to Grace Erskine, founder of Erskine Rose, about her latest collaboration with Dulwich Picture Gallery.

Unlocking the Dutch Golden Age

IMG_0100tHelen Record, our Curatorial Intern, talks us through the latest developments in our Unlocking Paintings project, and illuminates the Dutch Golden Age.

Facebook Live with Helen Hillyard: Tiepolo

IMG_0100tJoin Assistant Curator Helen Hillyard for a special out-of-hours Facebook Live tour of our current display: Rediscover: Tiepolo's 'Joseph Receiving Pharaoh's Ring'.

Spotlight Talks: Clair Bremner

IMG_0100tContinuing our 'Spotlight Talks' series we talk to Australian artist, Clair Bremner, to discover how mother nature informs her paintings.

Spotlight Talks: Kim Dorland

IMG_0100tLike David Milne, contemporary artists find boundless inspiration from the natural world. We talk to Canadian artist, Kim Dorland, to discover more about his practice.

Meet the Maker: Linda Bee

IMG_0100tHampshire-based artist and designer, Linda Bee, tells us about her work and her new handmade felt purses, made to complement the colours and themes of our David Milne exhibition.