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Contextual Lecture: Thomas Cromwell: Getting Him Right (Postponed)

With Professor Sir Diarmaid MacCulloch

Professor Sir Diarmaid MacCulloch introduces his ground-breaking biography of the self-made statesman who married his son to King Henry VIII's sister-in-law, reshaped Tudor England and Ireland, and sent the kingdom on a Protestant course for centuries. He examines the myths that have developed around Cromwell’s career, and discusses the motivations behind his actions during a meteoric career, personal, political and religious.

MacCulloch is professor of the history of the church at St Cross College, University of Oxford and has written extensively on Tudor England.

Part of Contextual Lecture Series: Prospects and Prophecies. 

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Please note this event will take place on 12 May 2020, not the previously advertised date of 19th May. 

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Event details

Start date
12 May 2020
£12 Adults, £10 Friends & concessions