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Contextual Lecture: Extinction: past and present (Postponed)

With Professor Paul Wignall

Nearly all the species that have ever lived have now become extinct, but this does not stop us being concerned about the increasing rate at which species are disappearing. By looking at past extinctions we can learn something about what causes extinctions and how the losses relate to some of the greatest climate upheavals the world has ever seen.

Professor Paul Wignall has been researching mass extinction since 1980 and has published over 200 research articles and 3 books, most recently: "The Worst of Times" How Life on Earth Survived 80 Million Years of Extinctions for this fascinating talk.

Part of Contextual Lecture Series: Prospects and Prophecies. 

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Please note this event will take place on the 19 May 2020, not the previously advertised date of 12 May. 

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Event details

Start date
19 May 2020
£12 Adults, £10 Friends & concessions