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Contextual Lecture: Wittgenstein on Faith and Reason (Postponed)

With Professor Duncan Pritchard

What is the relationship between faith and reason? Must the one be in tension with the other? According to the influential philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, it is in the nature of reason that it presupposes a kind of faith-like primitive certainty. Join Professor Duncan Pritchard, one of the most influential contemporary epistemologists to tease out what Wittgenstein means by this proposal, and what ramifications it has for our lives.

  • Professor Duncan Pritchard

    Professor Duncan Pritchard

Duncan Pritchard is Chair in Epistemology at the University of Edinburgh and Director of Edinburgh’s Eidyn research centre. His main research interests include topics such as the problem of skepticism, the problem of the nature and value of knowledge, extended knowledge, and social epistemology.

Part of Contextual Lecture Series: Prospects and Prophecies. 

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