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Contextual Lecture: Prospects for Humanity

with Professor A.C. Grayling

Can humanity survive AI, populism, climate change, population growth, proliferation of nuclear weapons, genetic manipulation, new diseases & failure of antibiotics, the unshakeable idiocies of (some) politicians, etc? Answer: well...

A.C. Grayling will make sense of this question, kick starting our new Contextual Lecture Series that explores the prospects for humanity based on our world today.

  • A.C. Grayling

    A.C. Grayling

Professor Grayling is a renowned British philosopher and writer and master of the New College of the Humanities. He is author of forty books including, most recently, The History of Philosophy; Democracy and its Crisis, and The Age of Genius: The Seventeenth Century and the Birth of the Modern Mind.

Part of Contextual Lecture Series: Prospects and Prophecies. 

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