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Contextual Lecture: Religion, Identity and Conflict (Postponed)

With Dr Gardner Thompson

Israel was established in 1948, in the wake of the Holocaust. However, to understand the character and destiny of the new state we have to review the end of the Great War, and crucial decisions made then by the British Government of David Lloyd George. Join historian Gardner Thompson to unpack this fascinating period for Britain, Zionism and the Creation of Israel.

Dr Thompson is a leading historian of British colonialism and a fellow of the Royal Historical Society. He taught History in Uganda, and then in London where he was Head of the History Department and the Academic Vice-Principal at Dulwich College. His publications include Governing Uganda: British Colonial Rule and its Legacy and African Democracy: Its Origins and Development in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

Part of Contextual Lecture Series: Prospects and Prophecies.

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Start date
21 April 2020
£12 Adults, £10 Friends & concessions