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Gallery Late: Show Me the Monet

Beat the January blues with this colourful, floral-themed Gallery Late, as we bid farewell to Claude Monet’s Vase with Flowers (1881–82), on loan to Dulwich Picture Gallery from the Courtauld.

“I must have flowers, always and always.” – Claude Monet

We will be celebrating this special painting by exploring Monet’s favoured subject through each of the five senses. Listen to pop-up talks, savour delicious botanical cocktails from Gimlet Bar, immerse yourself in the ‘smell’ of Vase with Flowers with scent experts AVM Curiosities, and get your hands on flower garland crowns from Fresh Flowers Presents. And of course, enjoy the painting itself before it goes home to the Cortauld Gallery.

  • Monet's Vase with Flowers alongside Jan van Husuym's Still Life

    Monet's Vase with Flowers alongside Jan van Husuym's Still Life
  • AVm Curiosities

    AVm Curiosities
  • Fresh Flowers Presents

    Fresh Flowers Presents


Pop-up Talks: ‘Got 99 Old Masters but a Monet ain’t one’

Hear from our Assistant Curator Helen Hillyard, as she explores Vase of Flowers and its relationship to our Collection of Old Master paintings.

Flower Crown Workshops

Flower Show Presents will show you how to make your own flower crown inspired by Monet's flowers.

The Painted Perfume

Join perfumer and founder of AVM Curiosities Tasha Marks for a smell-based exploration of Monet’s painting, and the accompanying work by Jan van Huysum.

Put your Monet where your mouth is

Enjoy a variety of botanical cocktails created by master mixologists Gimlet Bar.

The language of flowers

Familiarise yourself with floriography – the language and symbolism of flowers – and make your own flower badge with a hidden message.

Make your own Memes

Create and collage your own Monet-inspired meme – outrageous puns encouraged.

Event details

Start date
11 January 2019
Free, but ticketed