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Virtual exhibition navigation tips

Read these tips to help you navigate the British Surrealism virtual exhibition

We recommend using a mobile phone or tablet for the easiest way to navigate the virtual exhibition. 

• Once inside, you can freely navigate around the exhibition space. You can move between different rooms by tapping or clicking on the floor of the room you want to enter. The circles on the floor are there to help you navigate. Tapping or clicking on them will take you to that specific point, whereas tapping/clicking elsewhere will take you to the nearest floor circle.

• On a tablet or smartphone, drag your finger across the screen to pan around in 360 degrees, or to look up and down. Tap on the floor or walls to move around the space. Use your touch screen to zoom in on individual artworks.

• On a PC, hold down left click on your mouse to pan around in 360 degrees. Move the cursor and left click with your mouse to move between different points. Use the mouse wheel or your track pad to zoom in and out. An icon in the bottom right corner enables you to enter a fullscreen view for an immersive experience.

• At any point, you can pan around to view what is above, below or behind you. You can freely move back and forth in any direction.

• The virtual walk through includes tags (circles next to artworks and wall texts) that provide additional information about the artworks and the artists who created them. On a tablet or smartphone, tap on the tags to bring up the information. You can drag your finger to scroll up and down inside the tag. On a PC, place your cursor over the tag and use the mouse wheel to scroll up and down.

• Please note: the virtual walk through is limited to the British Surrealism exhibition. Sections of the permanent collection are visible, but they are not accessible. Don’t miss F.E. McWilliam’s Spanish Head, which is located in the mausoleum.