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The Scandimania Experience

Charlotte Walsh, Press Intern, writes about her experience of crocheting with Arne and Carlos and Friday’s Scandinight.

Last weekend, the Gallery’s second cultural festival Scandimania: Norway and Beyond took over the grounds in full force to mark the end of the Nikolai Astrup exhibition. Taking inspiration from the artist’s Nordic roots, the Gallery paid homage to all things Scandinavian with an eclectic programme featuring outdoor cinema screenings, live music sets, craft workshops and market stalls.

My experience began on Thursday with an evening of crocheting under the watchful eye of Norwegian design legends, Arne and Carlos. It was such a lovely event – everyone getting to know each other as we crocheted our hearts away to create a collection of roses to be woven together into a blanket. As a newcomer to the craft, I was hooked (excuse the pun).

The following evening at the first Scandinight, I developed a taste for Scandinavian cuisine, and tried reindeer for the first time (a bit like beef – only so much better). As the sun set and with my picnic blanket unfurled, I settled down for some dark pop from EERA and the soothing yet haunting sounds of Sasha Siem. The evening ended with Norwegian cult classic, Trollhunter, a hair-raising yet amusing mockumentary... I’m not sure if you can actually sit on the edge of your, er, blanket, but it was pretty tense in parts.

From the photos it looks like the rest of the weekend was just as fun and bonkers! I wonder what’s in store for next year…