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Teens retell memories through Escher-inspired creations

M.C. Escher is well known for scouring his memory as a source for his imaginary landscapes. The jumbled hilltop towns of southern Italy weave their way into his prints and drawings, when he travelled in Italy and later lived in Rome during the 1920s and 30s. Even the stairs from his old high school were transformed through his art, re-imagined in his famous, never-ending staircases.

This imaginative process was the basis of an exciting session of Off The Wall, Dulwich Picture Gallery's youth engagement programme. Teens attending the workshop were given a mysterious set of memories, which they then represented through inventive three-dimensional drawings. When pieced together, these creations created a comic telling a woman's life story. You can see some of their creations in the video above.


Off The Wall is Dulwich Picture Gallery's youth engagement programme, aimed at making young people engage with art and challenge notions of display. To learn more about Off the Wall, you can click here or call Jessie Woodward, our Youth Engagement Coordinator, at 020 8299 8753.

This Off The Wall session was run by Matt Finch, who makes fun things for people to do in public places. To learn more about Matt, click here.