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Poussin in Peckham; street artist creates new artwork in South London

Street artist Thierry Noir has created a vibrant mural inspired by Poussin’s The Triumph of David, in a small square tucked away at the top end of Bellenden Road in Peckham.

The colourful mural is easily distinguishable as Noir’s work, with two surreal figures painted in striking hues of red and blue. Surrounded by hearts, flowers and musical notes, one of the figures depicts a trumpet-player while the other holds a flower. 

Why did you choose this work?
“I first visited the Gallery two years ago and I had always wanted to choose a piece by Poussin, because he was French but lived almost his whole life outside of his country – in Rome – he is almost like me. I was born in France but have lived in Berlin since 1982.”

How did you go from Poussin’s work to your piece?
“The only thing I wanted to change about the subject was the cutting of the head, especially in light of the attacks in Paris, I wanted it to be a joyful work so I changed the head into a flower.”

What inspired your colour choice?
“The blue is the sky over London and the red is to contrast. It is not a comment on my French heritage.”

This new piece of street art joins several others in South London which have paid homage to the works by the Old Masters from the Permanent Collection at the Gallery, as part of the Dulwich Outdoor Gallery initiative.